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Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0
The Internet Is the Message

Microsoft's Exchange Server 5.0 not only embraces Internet standards but includes migration tools for Lotus cc:Mail and Novell GroupWise customers.

The messaging platform, available only for Windows NT Server, supports native POP3 mail clients, SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol), LDAP, SSL and HTTP, among other Internet standards. It also supports Microsoft's Active Server standard, which lets intranet developers integrate Exchange mailboxes, group calendars, discussions and other collaborative information into their Web sites.

Exchange 5.0 also includes a direct connection for cc:Mail environments, as well as GroupWise migration tools. The Microsoft Exchange Connector for Lotus cc:Mail lets you transmit messages and synchronize directories between the two e-mail systems. Once synchronized, you can migrate cc:Mail users to Exchange. Exchange Connector and X.400 Connector software are included in the Enterprise Edition.

For desktop users, Exchange Server 5.0 includes Exchange Client (for Win3.x, 95 and NT, and Macintosh), as well as Outlook 97 (for Windows 95 and NT). Outlook 97 is an integrated interface for e-mail, scheduling, contacts, tasks, and document and file access.

Standard Edition, from $2,129 for 25 users; Enterprise Edition, from $3,549 for 25 users

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Windows Magazine, June 1997, page NT16.

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