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Ramp Networks WebRamp Entre
Internet On-Ramp

Ramp Networks WebRamp Entre offers multi-user Internet access for home offices and small businesses with two to 10 users. The device is a combination ISDN terminal adapter, IP router and LAN hub.

It includes Microsoft Internet Explorer, a setup wizard for Macintosh and Windows 95 environments, four 10BaseT ports and two analog ports that provide standard telephone and fax connectivity to ISDN services.

Using ISDN support, WebRamp Entre transmits voice and data communications over a single two-channel wire.


For instance, if you plug a telephone or a fax machine into WebRamp Entre, you can continue browsing the Web while talking on the phone, sending a fax or checking your voice mail. If a telephone call and a fax arrive simultaneously, you can configure the device to "bump" the fax until you complete your phone conversation.

It also supports DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), which automatically assigns IP addresses to PCs or Macintoshes.

An EasyIP feature lets your network share a single IP address when linking to the Internet, thereby potentially reducing ISP (Internet service provider) costs.

WebRamp Entre comes with built-in password control and packet filtering to protect your private network.


Ramp Networks

888-4WEBRAMP, 408-988-5353

Circle #636

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page NT12.

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