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NT Product Pipeline -- Hardware
ALR Revolution MP II+
Economical Offer

After recently introducing one of the industry's first six-way Pentium Pro servers (see NT Product Pipeline, May), Advanced Logic Research (ALR) returns with the more economical ALR Revolution MP II+ server.

It features a 166MHz or 200MHz Pentium with Intel's MMX technology and costs about the same as a typical PC workstation. Also included is an extended PCI-to-PCI bridge that supports up to seven 32-bit PCI cards, including graphics and network interface cards, and RAID and SCSI controllers. The server also features four EISA slots and 16MB of ECC RAM (expandable to 512MB)

The server's ALR InforManager software monitors system and processor temperatures, fan operation, system voltage, memory faults and chassis security.

From $2,495

Advanced Logic Research

800-444-4ALR, 714-581-6770

Circle #635

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page NT11.

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