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NT Enterprise
NT Product Pipeline -- Hardware
AST Manhattan S6200
A Windows NT Server Metropolis

If you're building a networking metropolis, then you should check out the AST Manhattan S6200.

AST says its server family is ideal for workgroups and branch offices that require remote network management. It comes with Intel's LANDesk server management software and can be restarted remotely should your operating system happen to crash.

The Manhattan S6200 includes a 200MHz Pentium Pro processor (a second processor is optional), and supports up to 1GB of ECC RAM, 256KB or 512KB of level 2 cache, and up to six 9GB hot-swappable drive bays (for a cumulative 54GB of storage). It also includes AMI's three-channel MegaRAID Ultra PCI SCSI Disk Array Controller, which lets you add new hard drives without bringing down the server.

The servers are certified to run Novell NetWare, IntranetWare and Windows NT Server.

From $6,496

AST Computer

800-876-4278, 714-727-4141

Circle #634

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page NT11.

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