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NT Product Pipeline -- Hardware
Intergraph InterServe 605 - Server Makeover

Intergraph Computer Systems has overhauled its InterServe 605 server line. It includes new networking, storage and fault-tolerance features that will improve system reliability and performance.

The departmental server, designed for Windows NT 4.0, comes with a 200MHz Pentium Pro processor (a second processor is optional), 32MB of ECC RAM (expandable to 1GB), a 2.1GB hard drive and two 10/100BaseT Ethernet interfaces.

Intergraph offers optional mirroring and AutoSwitchOver (ASO) capabilities based on Octopus Technologies' fault-tolerance software.

The mirroring software provides data fault tolerance and real-time data protection for NT networks. ASO automatically switches client PCs and applications from a failed primary server to an alternative NT server.

The InterServe 605 is also equipped with on-board Ultra SCSI controllers for non-RAID units.

From $7,200

Intergraph Computer Systems

800-763-0242, 205-730-5441

Circle #633

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page NT11.

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