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Rapid Data Recovery

-- by Joseph C. Panettieri

It's the type of software you'll never use-until disaster strikes. After repeated promises, Stac and Computer Associates' Cheyenne Division have each developed disaster recovery software that aims to restore downed NT servers.

Stac's Replica for Windows NT is replication software that creates identical copies of NT servers (including boot volumes, disk partitions, user files and open files) to be stored on tape. If your NT server crashes, Replica restores the OS and fetches your replicated information from tape. At press time, a beta release of Replica for NT was available from the company's Web site (http://www.stac.com), but pricing was undetermined.

By contrast, the Cheyenne Disaster Recovery kit ($395), promised since last summer, is a bootable-disk solution. In the event of a server crash, you load Cheyenne's Disaster Recovery Wizard from four floppy disks. The wizard then guides you through the recovery of your NT server's configuration information and data files (you'll need Microsoft's Windows NT CD-ROM for part of the recovery). The Disaster Recovery kit is integrated with Cheyenne's ARCserve storage management software.

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page NT07.

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