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The Microsoft Not-Work?

-- While rolling out our own Microsoft Exchange server, network administrator Mark Frale found that mail from the Microsoft Network and an Exchange server cannot share the same offline mail (or, as it's commonly known, OST) file. If an OST file contains messages downloaded from the MSN via an Internet connection, they prevent it from receiving messages from an Exchange server. One solution: Set up a PST file, then drag MSN messages into it from the OST file after each MSN session.

-- Does your video adapter contain a ProMotion Video Alliance 3210 chipset? You might find a driver for it on Microsoft's Web site, but don't use it-it's an old product that causes new problems. Alliance Semiconductor acknowledges that its own drivers, which can be downloaded from http://www.alsc.com/ProMotion/support/index.html, are somewhat basic. You can probably get a more recent, better version from your system vendor.

-- Ever started an e-mail reply in front of the horizontal line at the top of a received message? If you've done it in Exchange, then you know that every line you type after the first one will be indented; even the align button won't reconcile the lines. Lab testing coordinator John Yacono has found a tricky workaround: Select the afflicted text, then add and remove bullet points by clicking the bullets button twice.

-- While testing the TEAC CD-R50s 4x4 CD-Recordable drive (See WinLab Reviews, May), reviewer Marc Spiwak found it had trouble writing on Maxell CDR74H high-speed discs. The discs worked well in other CD-R drives, but the TEAC refused to record on them even at single speed. While we know of no fix, if you own or plan to buy that drive, be sure to purchase different media for it.

-- Tired of using the PowerToys viewer to manually hunt through CAB archives for setup files? Use Start/Find/Files or Folders instead. Just type *.CAB in the File field of the Name and Location tab; then supply the archived file's name in the Containing Text field on the Advanced tab.

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 98.

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