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New Products
In Brief

Objective Chart 1.0's C++ class library supports more than 20 2D and 3D chart types in your Visual C++ application. Its Microsoft Foundation Classes library includes component-based architecture to create legend, axis and background charts. These can be mixed to create new chart types, which, in turn, can be combined. Each component includes fill pattern, dynamic position and shadow style properties.


Stingray Software

800-924-4223, 919-461-0672

Circle #576

Debug your Windows applications with BoundsChecker 5.0. This version uses ActiveCheck, a customizable runtime error-detection technology that does not require relinking or recompiling. The program will automatically detect and diagnose errors as part of the normal development process. It performs thorough runtime checking of each API call to ODBC 3.0, Internet APIs, ActiveX and DirectX.

Visual C++ Edition, $595; Delphi Edition, $399

NuMega Technologies

800-4NUMEGA, 603-578-8400

Circle #577

IDL 5.0's fourth-generation programming language helps engineers, scientists and software developers create data-analysis and data-visualization applications. IDL includes a suite of mathematics, statistics, graphics, image processing, mapping and data manipulation features. The program adds a new prebuilt GUI for building applications without having to learn the language syntax.


Research Systems

303-786-9900, fax 303-786-9909

Circle #578

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 96.

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