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New Products
Double Your Storage Pleasure

You can never have enough disk space, especially when using removable media. DoubleZip increases storage space by compressing data as you transfer it from your hard drive to your Iomega Zip drive. It simplifies file transfer and backup to Iomega Zip and Jaz drives, as well as to other removable media.

Using arrows, DoubleZip's interface points to where it will update and match files and gives you the option of overriding the transfer's default direction. The program can update files automatically. It identifies new and revised files, and then matches them between your PC and its removable drives.

DoubleZip uses industry-standard PK Zip-compatible compression and incorporates specific features of Iomega's Readyware software. In addition, a built-in applet allows quick transfers of files.


Kiss Software Corp.

888-768-5477, 714-979-5477

Circle #580

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 94.

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