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New Products
In Brief

Are you a system administrator whose users keep crashing their PCs? Let Winsafe keep them in check. It gives you the final word on enabling, as well as centralized control over user access and the ability to tailor user profiles. The program also includes registry manipulation tools and works on standalone PCs. Winsafe works with Windows 95 and NT Server 4.0.

Single license, $99

Software Shelf International

800-962-2290, 415-631-8900

Circle #582

Encryption Plus for CD-ROMs protects confidential information you place on CD-ROMs. The program encrypts information you copy and restricts access to authorized computers only. You can also use passwords to deny access.

Up to 50 workstations, $129.95

PC Guardian

800-288-8126, 415-459-0190

Circle #583

Entrust/ICE (Integrated Cryptographic Engine) allows you to automatically encrypt files whenever you save them in specific folders. You can also encrypt documents when your system shuts down and decrypt them at start-up. The program works with Windows 95 and NT as an add-on to Entrust and Entrust Lite cryptography software, and it will be available as a standalone product later this year.


Entrust Technologies

919-992-5525, fax 613-765-3520

Circle #584

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 94.

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