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New Products
Maxtor CrystalMax 1080 84320A8
Increase Your Space

As hard drive capacities continue to grow, Maxtor's new CrystalMax 1080 series of hard drives is blossoming. Now with upgraded capacity and performance, the Maxtor CrystalMax 1080 84320A8 hard drive uses thin-film technology to increase the areal density per platter to 1080MB, allowing for hard drive capacities of up to 4.3GB.

Maxtor has implemented the use of its own Formula4 head disk assembly and PRML (Partial Response Maximum Likelihood) read channels, which generate a faster internal data-transfer rate. The hard drive spins at 4,500rpm. It has a throughput of 16.7MBps and an average seek time of less than 11ms. The drive also comes with a 256KB cache buffer.


Maxtor Corp.

800-2MAXTOR, 303-651-6000

Circle #596

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 88.

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