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New Products
In Brief

The CMS Easy-Plug Easy-Go internal hard drive upgrade now comes in a 3GB capacity for most popular notebooks. It has a disk transfer rate of 16.6MBps, an average seek time of 13ms and a mean time of 300,000 hours between failures. Other hard drive capacities included in this line are 1GB, 1.3GB and 2GB.

1GB, $476; 1.3GB, $675; 2GB, $923; 3GB, $1,235

CMS Enhancements

800-327-5773, 714-424-5520

Circle #598

The MicroNet DDM4110UW and DDM9110UW half-height Ultra SCSI drives spin at a speedy 10,000rpm. The DDM9110UW has a storage capacity of 9.1GB, while the DDM4110UW holds 4.5GB. These drives can be used as standalone devices or as part of a disk array (whose capacity can reach up to 63GB). Transfer rates max out at 16.8MBps, data rates at 40MBps and average seek times at 7.5ms.

DDM4110UW, $2,715; DDM9110UW, $4,375

MicroNet Technology

800-800-DISK, 714-453-6100

Circle #599

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 88.

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