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MiniCAD 7
Seventh Round and Still Going

As the CAD competition heats up, MiniCAD 7 is still a contender. The 32-bit cross-platform 2D/3D software upgrade will create 3D models from your 2D floor plans.

The program now supports true 3D Boolean operations and QuickDraw3D rendering technology, plus third-party plug-ins such as Lightworks. The Smart Cursor feature locates your cursor in relation to objects in your drawing. To increase productivity and work flow, MiniCAD's Dashed Hidden Line option can produce clean, accurate line drawings. Its flexible Reshape Lasso enables you to select and stretch individual vertices to be shaped.

This upgrade can also display dimensions with different decimal accuracies in the same drawing.


Diehl Graphsoft

800-873-5083, 410-290-5114

Circle #553

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 84.

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