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Image Robot
A Robot that Obeys Your Graphics Commands

If you're tired of complex image conversions and multiple graphics tasks, let Image Robot lend a hand. This easy-to-use graphics utility helps you convert graphics files created in multiple formats into a single uniform format for use in multimedia documents or Web sites.

Create a script containing all the commands you wish to perform on each image. The program then automatically applies these commands, in the order they appear, to each image file. Image Robot features the Apply Fully Optimized Palette, which prescans your files before processing and gathers the data to generate a single palette containing the colors that best represent the images; it will then apply those colors to the output images.

You can apply more than 20 filters to emboss, soften, sharpen and blur your images. Also included in the program is a library of deformations, which helps create circle and motion blur.



800-622-2793, 612-930-9800

Circle #551

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 84.

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