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Graphics Software

Spruce up your documents, newsletters and Web sites with MasterClips 150,000 Premium Image Collection. Filled with clip art, Web images, sound and video clips, the MasterClips MediaPaq Browser can locate clip art and photos by subject, description or keyword. The Clip Art Editor lets you dilate, sharpen and smooth images for a customized finished product. Preview your work with the Sound Controller.



800-833-8082, 415-257-3000

Circle #554

FastSOLID 97 is an ACIS-based application that delivers offset wall shelling, local editing, modeling in shaded mode, advanced solid blending and precise hidden line layouts. It lets you choose wireframe, solid or surface modeling to achieve the best solution to your design problem. Models can be imported and exported with more than 75 ACIS applications for CAD/CAM/CAE.



209-536-0591, fax 209-536-0592

Circle #555

The Statgraphics Plus 3 statistical graphics tool has a StatGallery feature that lets you work in a multipage environment to edit and save graphics and text panes. Statistical functions include Weibull analysis, life tables and the ability to handle censored data. The software is sold as a base system with add-on modules.

Base system, $649; per module, $399; complete package, $1,649


800-592-0050, 301-984-5123

Circle #556

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 84.

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