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New Products
In Brief
Video Accelerators

The Diamond Multimedia Fire GL 4000 video accelerator may provide the 3D spark you need to give your graphics a boost. It uses the 3DPro/2mp chipset and supports resolutions up to 1280x1024 pixels. In addition to 3D rendering, the Fire GL 4000 features 2D acceleration. Its digital video playback with color space conversion enables you to display images up to 30 frames per second.


Diamond Multimedia Systems

800-468-5846, 408-325-7000

Circle #565

Got a high-end monitor and a low-end video card? The Number Nine Imagine 128 Series 2 video accelerator comes equipped with 8MB of H-VRAM video memory. The card is suitable for high-performance monitors at a 1920x1080-pixel resolution at 16-bit true color. You can view MPEG video clips in full-screen resolutions (up to 1600x1200 pixels). Play back those MPEG clips, as well as VideoCD movies, at 30 frames per second.


Number Nine Visual Technology

800-GET-NINE, 617-674-0009

Circle #566

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 82.

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