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Business Productivity
InfoCenter 2.0
Mail Wizardry Keeps You on Track

Keep your advertising out of the dead letter office. InfoCenter 2.0 is a direct marketing and sales resource tool with three new wizards to help you reduce the cost of mail operations and make your direct-marketing campaigns more successful.

For example, if you send mail using the abbreviation "MA" for Maine instead of Massachusetts, the Deliverability Impact Wizard reports on the cost of delayed or undeliverable mail. The Data Modeling Wizard analyzes mailing costs and can project sales and net revenue, while the Break-Even Wizard can calculate the break-even point for a direct mail campaign.

InfoCenter also features a marketing glossary, which provides more than 300 concepts; an industry resource guide, including approximately 90 USPS Business Centers; and a direct mail and postal query section. A point-and-click Postal Rate Chart computes postal rates for First Class, Periodicals and Standard Mail. A tutorial is available from the company's Web site through the summer.


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Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 80.

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