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Play Big Brother with the Touch N' Go Corporate Edition. This employee-tracking program enables you to keep tabs on a staff ranging from a small in-house group to 4,000 employees worldwide. With one mouse click, you can display a window showing the whereabouts of your entire employee network, whether each individual is in a meeting, out sick or out to lunch.


Touch N' Go Systems

800-691-6333, 907-264-6333

Circle #593

Maybe Andy Warhol plotted his 15 minutes of fame with TimeSketch+. In less than 15 minutes, this scheduling/project planning tool will deliver sophisticated graphs that outline and help manage your business activities and projects. You can export the entire graph or any part of it to other applications, such as your word processor.


AlderGraf Systems

800-624-4971; 713-467-8500

Circle #594

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 80.

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