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New Products
Authorware 4 Interactive Studio
Strong Suite for Multimedia Mavens

Macromedia's Authorware 4 Interactive Studio provides a powerhouse of production tools for developing Internet/intranet, CD-ROM and desktop multimedia applications.

The suite features Authorware 4, Director 6, Backstage Enterprise Edition, xRes 3 and the SoundEdit/Sound Forge XP audio production tool. Internet/intranet authoring features include comprehensive Shockwave integration for Authorware and Director, ActiveX support, network ODBC support and data tracking, and Oracle video server support.

Developers can store media elements externally and link to them from their Authorware 4 files. This lets authors maintain content, such as an online catalog, without changing the structure of their original application. A media browser is included.

$2,499; upgrade, $999


800-326-2128, 415-252-2000

Circle #557

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 78.

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