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Adobe PageMill 2.0
Spin Web Pages With This Mill

Take the grind out of creating multimedia Web sites with Adobe PageMill 2.0. Web page designers can place and preview graphics, video and audio files before uploading pages to their site. PageMill 2.0 supports popular word processor formats, HTML frames, table creation and preview, access to the HTML source and placeholders for the inclusion of custom HTML code.

The program includes a simple ftp uploader for transferring pages to a Web site. You can toggle between Preview and Edit modes, launch images and vector graphic editing tools, and drag and drop content into PageMill's "view-as-you-create" environment. You can copy and paste tables from Microsoft Excel and wrap text around left- or right-aligned objects. Combining PageMill with Adobe Photoshop lets you customize the Web designing process.

Price: Not yet set

Adobe Systems

800-411-8657, 408-536-6000

Circle #606

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 74.

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