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iCat Electronic Commerce Suite 3.0
Create Purr-fect Web Catalogs

Are your wares tailor-made for sales over the Web? iCat Electronic Commerce Suite 3.0 helps you develop and manage Internet and intranet catalogs for your business, and process secure transactions over the Web. The suite's Commerce Publisher collects and organizes product information in a database. You can select a layout for your catalog, preview and publish it, and administer electronic orders and customer promotions.

Use the Layout Templates, a set of ready-to-use designs, to give your catalog the right look, feel and functionality. Template Plug-ins provide additional features such as indexing, searching, user registration and tracking, and sales management.

Carbo Editor allows you to customize the predefined layout templates and plug-ins, or create new ones. The Command Wizard provides easy instructions for creating valid statements with iCat's Carbo Command Language.

Standard Edition, $3,495; Professional Edition, $9,995

iCat Corp.

888-533-8800, 206-505-8800

Circle #604

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 74.

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