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Web Applications

WebWhacker 3.0 captures and downloads selected Internet content, including text, graphics and HTML links, to your computer's hard drive. This enables you to view and display Web sites offline. You can store files on removable media and auto-update version upgrades across the Internet. With its WebManager, you can organize and categorize "whacked" sites, and filter unwanted Web pages and files by size, MIME file type, file extension and server directory location.


The ForeFront Group

800-475-5831, 813-724-8994

Circle #607

Monitor the real-time status of Web server applications and TCP/IP application traffic statistics with WebXRay Internet analyzer. The program's Web matrix shows which sites you visit, how long you remain and how much data you upload or download. You can view statistical summaries as tables, bar graphs or pie charts for importing later into a spreadsheet.


Cinco Networks

800-671-9272, fax 770-390-9947

Circle #608

Use the Krakatoa Web Catalog Publisher 2.1 to create and maintain searchable Web catalogs. Designed for use with Krakatoa's Easy Author authoring tool, its Import Wizard can access existing data sources saved in ASCII format and import the information into EasyAuthor. The URL Wizard lets you create URLs with live catalog data, so that items can be linked to relevant Web pages, graphics and programs.



303-440-4363, fax 303-440-5309

Circle #609

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 74.

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