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New Products
Printers/Multifunction Devices
Sony UP-5500 and UP-D8800
Printers Are on the UP-Swing

If your patience is short and your printer takes a while, the Sony UP-5500 and UP-D8800 printers may lengthen your fuse with outputs of 30 and 97 seconds, respectively.

The UP-5500 is an A5-size color printer that operates on multiple platforms. It features built-in four-frame memory (expandable to eight), allowing you to store multiple images in memory while executing other print jobs. It features a digital interface and multiple print modes.

The UP-D8800 is an A4-size digital color printer, with a resolution of either 300dpi or 151dpi. Along with a 40MB hard drive, it includes an optional interface board, which provides 35 fonts and either a network interface or a centronics parallel interface.

UP-5500, $8,350; UP-D8800, $8,800

Sony Electronics

800-352-SONY, 201-930-1000

Circle #587

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 64.

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