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Epson Stylus Color 400
Take This Printer Home

As stores fill their shelves with high-priced network printers, let's not forget that homebodies need printers, too. Designed for home users, the Epson Stylus Color 400 four-color ink jet printer delivers a maximum resolution of 720x720dpi, and churns out 4ppm in black and 3ppm in color at an affordable price.

Its 720dpi resolution is a result of piezoelectric technology, which, through electromechanical pressure, accurately places ink on paper with consistent dot shape and size. Advancements in the print head design result in smaller dot sizes that allow a greater range of halftones, ultra-realistic fleshtones and smooth color gradations.

The printer's driver features an on-screen ink low/ink out display. The Stylus can hold 100 sheets of paper and comes bundled with Sierra's Print Artist, Adobe PhotoDeluxe, extra fonts, art images and high-resolution photos. Also included is an Epson Answers CD-ROM, which runs frequently used troubleshooting procedures. Its Look Your Best Color Pak bundles software, high-resolution photos, T-shirt transfers and fonts.


Epson America

800-GO-EPSON, 310-782-0770

Circle #585

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 64.

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