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New Products
Word Processing
Suite Perfection for Word Processing

Corel WordPerfect Suite 8 features an intuitive interface with new context-sensitive Property Bars, updated toolbars, and streamlined menus and dialog boxes. The Corel User Assistant helps with projects ranging from simple tasks to complex reports.

The Standard version features WordPerfect 8, Quattro Pro 8 and Corel Presentations 8. The Professional version adds Corel Paradox 8 and the new CorelCENTRAL, an organizational and communications tool that includes Netscape Communicator and Internet Mail. Other utilities include Address Book and Contact List.

With the suite's Internet Publisher, forms and tables created in your business apps can be published in HTML or Corel Barista formats. Barista 2.0 uses Java technology and includes WYSIWYG formatting, multiple column support and sound embedding. QuickLinks automatically recognizes text beginning with "www," "ftp," "http" or "mailto" and converts it to a link with a descriptive name. Corel WEB.SiteBuilder uses a drag-and-drop interface to create Web pages easily, and uses predefined components to build the site.

Standard Version, $395; upgrade, $129. Professional Version, $449; upgrade, $229

Corel Corp.

800-772-6735, 613-728-3733

Circle #694

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 61.

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