Windows Magazine
June 1997

Cover Story

Power! -- New chips from Intel and AMD raise the MIPS ante-and nudge the Pentium Pro out of the performance spotlight


  • Start / Mike Elgan
    Cheap Power -- Intel owns 95 percent of the PC microprocessor market. But all that's about to change.
  • The Explorer / Fred Langa
    Office 97 and the Upgrade Blues -- Based on our discoveries, we're removing Office 97 and Outlook from the WinList.
  • Windows at Work / Lou Grinzo
    Paranoia Is Your Friend -- On a Windows system, there are no such things as 'completely unrelated' programs.
  • Dialog Box / Richard Castagna
    No TV on My PC -- Why are thousands of people trying to crack the code that will finally turn a computer into a television set?

WinLab Reviews

WinList -- A fast route to the best in hardware, software and system choices among all the products we've test.


  • Free Tune-Up! -- Get the most out of your system-pep up performance and run more efficiently-without spending a dime.
  • Save As... HTML -- A corporate intranet can put all your shared information just a browser and a mouse click away-but the road to HTML can be a rocky one.
  • First-Class E-mail -- E-mail can reduce the litter of letters on your desk, but your electronic inbox needs attention, too. Try these helpful hints and timely tips to find better ways to save, sort and sift through electronic missives.

NT Enterprise Edition

NT Enterprise EditionNT Newstrends

NT Administrator

  • Looking for Multi-User NT? -- Set up an application server that gives multiple users the Windows apps they want.

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