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Windows on the Web
News Briefs

-- The HTTP protocol's latest revision, version 1.1, allows for two to 10 times more packet transmissions, according to tests by the World Wide Web Consortium, an industry-sponsored standards group. HTTP 1.1 is backward-compatible with existing browsers.

-- Betting advertising revenues will be enough to keep them afloat, three ISPs have waived monthly charges. Cyber Freeway (http://www.yberfreeway.com) and Bigger.net (http://www.bigger.net) offer service in the San Francisco Bay area; Smart World Communications (http://www.smart1.com) is nationwide.

-- Web advertising reached $275 million in 1996, up from $55 million in 1995. Close to 30 percent of this spending went to the top five Web sites (below), according to Jupiter Communications. Microsoft was the most generous advertiser, dishing out $10.7 million.

-- The International Adhoc Committee will make seven new names available to specify Internet locations: .firm for businesses or firms; .store for businesses that sell goods; .web for Web-related entities; .arts for cultural and entertainment entities; .rec for recreational entities; .info for information services; and .nom for individuals.

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page 312.

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