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Windows on the Web
Tips for Better Browsing

Incremental Images

You can tell Netscape Navigator when to display Web page graphics. Select Options/General Preferences and click on the Images tab. The Display Images option has two choices: While Loading, to display images as they load, and After Loading, which won't display an image until it has completely downloaded.

DLL Restorations

When you install Internet Explorer 3.0, the installation program replaces three Windows 95 files: ADVAPI32 .DLL, COMCTL32.DLL and OLEAUT32.DLL. These are library files for internal controls, API services and OLE. If you ever need to restore them, you can find them on the Win95 CD-ROM. ADVAPI32.DLL is located in the WIN95_11.CAB file; COMCTL32.DLL is in the WIN95_10.CAB file; and OLEAUT32.DLL can be found in WIN95_09.CAB. Copy whichever one you need to the Windows\System folder.

Nothing but The News

To install Microsoft Internet Mail and News 1.0, an Internet white pages directory, you must install Internet Explorer. If you don't want to use Internet Explorer, you can uninstall it after Internet News and Mail are successfully installed.

In a Dither

Netscape Navigator 3.0 lets you customize the way it displays the colors of graphic images. Select Options/General Preferences and click on the Images tab. For Choosing Colors, you can select Automatic, Dither or Substitute Colors. The default is Automatic, which lets Navigator choose the right colors. Select Dither, and Navigator will do its best to match an image's intended colors with what's available on your computer. Color Substitution tells Navigator to replace colors that aren't available on your system with what it thinks is the best alternative.

Move It!

To install a newer version of Internet Explorer 3.0 into a different folder from your previous one, select Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs. Double-click on Internet Explorer and complete the uninstall. Restart your computer and install the newer version of IE. When you're prompted for a location during the installation process, select the folder of your choice.

Optional Art

If your Web surfing gets bogged down by slow-loading graphics, turn 'em off. In Netscape Navigator, select Options and click on Auto Load Images to deselect that option. Web pages will load with placeholders indicating where graphics would normally be displayed. If you want to see the graphics on a page you've downloaded, just click on the Images button to reload the page with all of its graphics.

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page 311.

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