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Wings of Glory

-- by Donna Tapellini

The latest in the Wings series, Wings: London Blitz to Pearl Harbor, will get the pulse of any WWII buff racing. One of my favorite features: 23 pieces of nose art, including the "Willit Run" art on the P-51 exhibited at the Smithsonian. View 3-D renditions of aircraft and 360-degree panoramas of airfields, including a Japanese aircraft carrier. Follow major battles like the London Blitz. The database of more than 700 planes includes video clips, weapons information, crew data and much, much more. Armchair pilots will want to take the flight simulators for a test drive. This series just gets better and better.

$39.95. Discovery Channel Multimedia, 800-678-3343, 317-579-0413. Circle #849 or visit Winfo Online.

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page 305.

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