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GroupWise 5.1
A Wise Groupware Upgrade

It's safe to call GroupWise 5.1 a special delivery. Novell's groupware upgrade packs extensive Internet features and exterminates a few minor bugs found in GroupWise 5.0.

For Internet users, GroupWise 5.1 supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol-a standard for accessing directory information (names, business titles and e-mail addresses) across the Internet-as well as URLs embedded within messages.

On the desktop, GroupWise 5.1's Universal Mailbox accesses personal calendars, group schedules, voice mail, faxes and other message types. Another component, GroupWise WebAccess, lets you access a Universal Mailbox from a Web browser.

According to Novell, GroupWise 5.1 also fixes bugs that users encountered when migrating GroupWise 4.1 post offices to GroupWise 5.0.

The software runs on Unix, NT Server and Novell NetWare or IntranetWare.

From $718 for five users to $32,625 for 250 users; free upgrade for GroupWise 5.0 users


888-321-4272, 801-861-7000

Circle #659

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page NT22.

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