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NT Product Pipeline -- Software
Unicenter TNG
Command Central

Computer Associates' Unicenter TNG lets you centrally manage networks, applications and databases.

Unicenter TNG (the next generation) secures Internet and intranet connections, deploys software across a network, automates help desk services, monitors remote hardware and software, and provides Windows desktops with a single sign-on to PC, UNIX and mainframe services. Its 3-D interface lets you visualize network problems.

Unicenter TNG is integrated with several third-party management platforms, including SunNet Manager, Cabletron Spectrum, IBM NetView and Hewlett-Packard OpenView, as well as Cheyenne Software's ARCServe backup/restore and InocuLAN antivirus products, which CA acquired last year. It's available for NT on Intel and Alpha, and various UNIX platforms.

From $2,500

Computer Associates International


Circle #657

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page NT16.

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