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NT Enterprise
NT Product Pipeline -- Hardware
Biscom Faxcom 3000/NT
Perfect Paper Route

The Biscom Faxcom 3000/NT cuts the paper chase within your corporate network.

Based on Windows NT Server, this hardware/software fax server sends or receives faxes from Windows 3.x, Win95, NT 4.0, Macintosh, OS/2, UNIX and DOS desktops.

The fax server supports two to four fax lines and can be managed via NT's Control Panel Service applet, Event Viewer or Performance Monitor utility. Faxcom's administration utility lets you access warning messages and identify which parts of your network generate the most (or least) fax traffic.

From $8,495


800-477-2472, 508-250-1800

Circle #655

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page NT14.

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