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NT Enterprise
NT Product Pipeline -- Hardware
Micron Vetix LXI
Dial Direct for NT Servers

Micron, a key player in direct PC sales, has set its sights on the NT server market. Among its first offerings is the Micron Vetix LXI. The server comes bundled with NT or Novell IntranetWare, as well as extensive network administration and storage management software.

It competes with low-end and mid-tier servers from Dell, Compaq and Digital, among others. The Vetix LXI is positioned for small companies, but can certainly grow with your business. The server comes with one or two 200MHz Pentium Pro processors, 32MB of ECC EDO RAM (upgradable to 1GB), a 2GB Ultra-Wide SCSI-3 hard drive, eight expansion slots (five PCI, two ISA, one shared), nine drive bays (six internal, three external), 256KB integrated level 2 cache, a 12X SCSI-2 CD-ROM drive, a 100Mbps Intel Ethernet card and a 15-inch monitor.

The Vetix LXI also includes Intel's LANDesk Server Manager to ease systems administration; Seagate's Backup Exec storage management and data restore software is optional.

Single-processor server, from $4,599; dual-processor server, from $6,499

Micron Electronics


Circle #653

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page NT14.

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