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NT Product Pipeline -- Hardware
Digital Prioris MX 6200
Digital Presents Server Encore

Digital Equipment Corp. is back in the Windows NT spotlight. Only weeks after gracing the stage with personal NT workstations and workgroup servers, the company takes a curtain call with the Prioris MX 6200 departmental server.

Digital says the server is ideal for running messaging and intranet services, such as Exchange Server and Internet Information Server. It includes Digital's ServerWORKS 2.0 Manager, which lets you create a topology of all SNMP network devices, check server CPU utilization, set alarms and alerts, and launch third-party storage management applications.

The Prioris MX 6200 uses a 200MHz Pentium Pro processor, but can be upgraded to a dual-processor system. It also includes 256KB cache, 32MB of RAM (expandable to 1GB), an integrated PCI Ultra-Wide SCSI Controller, seven available expansion slots (two PCI, four ISA and one shared), a 300-watt power supply, a 12X CD-ROM and a three-year on-site warranty.

From $3,500

Digital Equipment Corp.

800-DIGITAL, 508-493-5111

Circle #651

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page NT11.

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