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NT Enterprise
NT Product Pipeline -- Hardware
ALR Revolution 6X6
Fully Loaded Six-Shooter

Dozens of PC companies manufacture Windows NT "department" servers. The Advanced Logic Research Revolution 6X6 has loftier ambitions.

This NT system is among the first six-way Pentium Pro servers. (Compaq, Dell and others are expected to offer eight-way servers late this year). The Revolution 6X6 runs high-end databases and transaction processing applications 40 percent faster than typical four-way Pentium Pro servers, according to ALR.

The shrink-wrapped NT Server release supports only four-way symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), but ALR has received code from Microsoft that unlocks NT's six-way SMP capabilities. The six-way NT is fully compatible with the conventional NT release.

The Revolution 6X6 comes with ALR's server management software (including InforManager and ActiveCPR), 12 expansion slots (seven PCI, four EISA and one shared slot), redundant power supplies, six RAID-ready drive bays, 128MB of RAM (expandable to 4GB) and a 4GB hard drive.

From $14,995

Advanced Logic Research

800-444-4ALR, 714-581-6770

Circle #650

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page NT11.

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