NT Enterprise
NT Newstrends
Heard in the Back Office
NT rumors, gossip and scuttlebutt
-- by John D. Ruley

A big FAT problem: Microsoft is preparing a FAT32/NTFS converter, but don't expect native FAT32 support for NT. High-tech treason: We hear a former Novell vice president recently had a change of heart. Jocelyne Attal is now vice president of Windows NT marketing at IBM. Hot stuff: Sun Microsystems is showcasing its first big buyer of JavaStation Network Computers. The customer's name: Sun Microsystems. Collector's item: Even though NT for PowerPC is dead, Motorola is still accepting orders for NT/PowerPC systems (http://www.mot.com/GSS/MCG/products/systems/). Cairo delayed: NT 5.0, originally slated for release late this year, is now scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 1998. Spool this: Hewlett-Packard's JetAdmin print monitor chokes on big jobs when used with NT Service Pack 2. Use the UNIX-compatible LPR monitor instead. Just the fax: Microsoft has finally posted MS-Fax for NT at http://www.microsoft.com/ntworkstation, and a native NT version of WinFax is available at http://www.symantec.com. Dumb and dumber: America Online has taken its lumps recently, but has anyone else noticed that Microsoft still doesn't offer an MSN e-mail client for Windows NT 4.0? Still Too Much: Microsoft charges $95 per call for NT Workstation tech support, but here's good news: If you bought NT 4.0 retail (not preinstalled), the first two incidents are free.

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page NT08.