Scan 'n' Attach
-- by James E. Powell

As scanning technology gets increasingly sophisticated-and as it becomes more popular as a viable method of document input-look for application developers to increasingly build on this practice. While numerous programs allow you to attach documents to meeting notes or contact records, particularly personal information managers (PIMs), few support actual scanned-document input. Visioneer's PaperPort now offers links to Intuit Quicken 6 to let users scan receipts and attach them to the financial transaction they support. It also has links to ACT 3.0, allowing you to merge an existing electronic document with scanned data from related materials, such as business cards. Visioneer says links with other applications are currently under development.

The company also announced a new archiving option to move scanned documents onto a hard drive or removable media such as Iomega and SyQuest drives. The new link also provides quick recovery options.

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page 48.