'96 Top Ten Best-Selling Business Software For 1996


1. Windows 95 Upgrade* Microsoft

2. Norton AntiVirus * Netscape

3. Plus* Microsoft

4. VirusScan* McAfee

5. Netscape Navigator Netscape

6. First Aid* Cybermedia

7. WordPerfect Suite Upgrade* Corel

8. UnInstaller* MicroHelp

9. First Aid Deluxe* Cybermedia

10. Remove-IT* Quarterdeck

* Win95

Source: PC Data

Did anybody miss not having a Windows 96? Apparently not. The Windows 95 Upgrade was the top-selling business software application for 1996. The list was otherwise dominated by system utilities, with six of them among the top ten sellers.

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page 46.