Antivirus developer Dr. Solomon's Software has already announced that a forthcoming upgrade to its virus detection program will venture inside Office 97 files. Taking the offensive, the company is unleashing its Java-based Bloodhound technology on the Web, in search of new and unknown viruses.

Some of the folks behind the original WordPerfect software, now with start-up Word Place of Provo, Utah, are ready to reenter the market with Yeah Write for Windows. This scaled-down word processor bears a slight resemblance to their earlier creation.

Digital released version 1.1 of FX32, the translation software that lets Alpha/NT users run most 32-bit Wintel (Windows on Intel) applications. It now supports DirectSound and the messaging application programming interface (MAPI), which lets Win95 and NT clients access popular e-mail systems.

Looking to establish the ActiveMovie 2.0 API in the professional video application programming market, Microsoft licensed new technology from Matrox. The graphics card maker developed and promoted several broadcast-industry-specific extensions to ActiveMovie, in the areas of video capture, cut-list editing, audio and video effects, graphics scroll and crawl, and chroma, luma and alpha.

Creative Labs is shipping its 64-bit Graphics Blaster 3D for an introductory price of $99, which is about 50 percent less than competitive accelerator cards.

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page 45.