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New Products
pcAnywhere CE
Remote Control

Imagine controlling applications and files on any desktop from the palm of your hand. The pcAnywhere CE program runs on Windows CE and lets you take control of any Windows 95 or NT machine running pcAnywhere32 7.5.

The result is a quick way to send e-mail with attachments, view a Web site at network speed or fix a server remotely-all from a hand-held PC. The program helps you access and share information between a hand-held and desktop PC. It features an option for seamless text transfer, and ezZoom and ezScroll options to view and control a host PC with a larger screen.

Host and remote version, $79.95; remote-only version, $39.95

Symantec Corp.

800-441-7234, 541-334-6054

Circle #622

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page 88.

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