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New Products
Tektronix Phaser 450
Phaser's Prints Are Stunning

Much of your creative work goes to waste if you don't have the right color printer. The Tektronix Phaser 450 handles graphic design, pre-press proofing, digital photography, and high-end business and engineering applications. This A-size dye-sublimation color printer processes a 300dpi full-page image in 70 seconds. Its Tektronix PhaserPrint plug-in bypasses the standard driver and prints directly from Photoshop. This method processes a full-color RGB image in less than 30 seconds.

The Phaser 450 handles up to a 9.3-by-12.7-inch print area. You can print transparencies, tabloid proofs as two-page layouts or tiled tabloid layouts as two separate pages. The printer supports PCs, Macintosh computers, UNIX workstations and almost any network.



800-835-6100, 503-682-7377

Circle #578

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page 86.

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