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New Products
In Brief

The HP DeskJet 694C and the HP DeskJet 692C color printers are the latest in HP's home printer line. Both units print at speeds up to 5ppm for black and 1.7ppm for color. The DeskJet 694C comes with the HP Photo Project CD and an HP sample-paper pack. Both printers include an HP Photo Cartridge and a protective storage container.


Hewlett-Packard Co.

800-752-0900, 800-387-3867 (Canada)

Circle #580

The Fujitsu PrintPartner

10V and 14AV are true 600dpi (1200dpi-enhanced) laser workgroup printers. The 10V prints at 10ppm and handles up to 250 sheets in its main paper tray. The 14AV prints at 14ppm and has a 500-sheet main paper tray.

10V, $899; 14AV, $1,349

Fujitsu Computer Products of America

800-626-4686, 408-432-6333

Circle #581

The Seiko Instruments SLP Sharing Switch lets you share a Smart Label Printer between two PCs or connect two of the serial port printers to a PC. You can also use two PCs with two SLPs.


Seiko Instruments USA

800-688-0817, 408-922-5900

Circle #582

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page 86.

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