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New Products
AudioVision 2.0
Eye-Opening Conferencing

Videoconferencing can be a simple task with the right tools.

AudioVision 2.0 software works over POTS analog phone lines as well as ISDN lines and the Internet/intranet. It includes features such as Hold and Push-to-Talk buttons, and a toggle to switch between self-view and a view of the other person.

AudioVision 2.0 also includes a Video Phonebook and a Video Answering Machine that records video calls. It has the ability to record video e-mail and send it over the Internet.

AudioVision 2.0 supports the new ITU H.324 POTS-based industry standard, and includes whiteboard and drawing tools. The program works with digital and analog cameras and camcorders. It requires a camera, speakers, sound card, microphone and modem for full videoconferencing.

$149.95 (includes 2 copies)

Smith Micro Software

800-964-7674, 714-362-2345

Circle #594

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page 76.

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