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New Products
CAD/Technical Drawing
Cadkey 97
CAD Program Gets Wired for Windows

With its latest release, Cadkey is serving notice that it's time for the CAD world to come to Windows. Cadkey 97 runs only on Windows 95 and NT, and includes solid modeling capabilities, macros, improved rendering and an optional DOS-like interface.

Cadkey has enhanced the program's 3-D design capabilities by combining the flexibility of wireframe modeling with the power of ACIS solid modeling. You can use wireframe, solid or surface modeling functionality at any time during the design process. The program also lets you convert wireframe to solid and construct solid primitives such as a block, cone, cylinder, sphere or torus. If you're used to DOS, Cadkey 97 will ease your transition by offering a familiar text interface and letting you use macros instead of icons.


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Windows Magazine, May 1997, page 72.

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