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New Products
In Brief

The CalComp UltraSlate graphics tablet offers artistic freedom, especially from cords and batteries. The tablet plugs into your PC keyboard port for power, and the pen requires no battery or cord. The tablet comes with drawing areas of 4 by 5 inches or 6 by 9 inches, and is bundled with your choice of Fractal Design Dabbler or Live Pix SE software.

4-by-5-inch model, $165; 6-by-9-inch model, $340


800-932-1212, 714-821-2000

Circle #564

A familiar name in ink pens has gone digital. Cross DigitalWriter PDA pens consist of stylus refills inside standard Cross ballpoint pen housing. The pens work with Windows CE hand-helds and most PDAs.

From $12.50 to $250, depending on model

Cross Pen Computing Group

800-510-9660, 401-333-1200

Circle #565

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page 72.

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