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New Products
ViewSonic Optiquest V773
Good Looks When You Need Them

Even if your job doesn't revolve around graphics, you still want yours to look good. The 17-inch, flat-square screen ViewSonic Optiquest V773 is designed for the business and SOHO markets, but has advanced features for graphics and desktop publishing.

The Optiquest V773 has a 15.8-inch viewing area, a 0.26mm dot pitch and a maximum noninterlaced resolution of 1280x1024.

Suggested resolution for the monitor is 1024x768 at an 86Hz refresh rate. Its menu-driven OnView control system lets you adjust contrast, brightness, pincushioning and color tuning by pushing a button.

The Optiquest's ViewMatch color controls match screen colors to printer output. The Optiquest V773 has an antiglare, antistatic display.


ViewSonic Corp.

800-888-8583, 909-869-7976

Circle #552

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page 64.

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