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New Products
Virtual Access 3.6
All for One and Access for All

Read the latest news and your e-mail at the same time. Virtual Access 3.6 is a combination e-mail package and automatic news reader. It provides e-mail and Internet access for up to 500 workers on a network using just one phone line and modem. It supports SMTP and POP3 e-mail, and provides access to multiple Internet providers and multiple closed-messaging newsgroup servers (such as CompuServe)

Virtual Access provides mail rules for sorting and managing e-mail. For instance, you can sort personal e-mail separately or forward specific e-mail messages to designated folders. You can also set an e-mail alert to notify you of new incoming mail.

The program's news reader selects from 30,000 newsgroup areas of interest. Its message threading shows which message is a reply to a previous message.

Professional version, $49; Workgroup version, from $349 for 10 users

Virtual Technology Corp.

612-915-1122, fax 612-915-1133

Circle #616

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page 56.

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