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New Products
In Brief
Java Development

Create Internet-based training and educational applications in HTML and Java-without having to program-with ToolBook II Assistant. The program calls training courses "books," and includes Book Specialist Wizards to guide you through creating your application by dragging and dropping. You can then distribute your book over the Internet in HTML or Java, on CD-ROM or diskette and over a network. ToolBook II Assistant works as a standalone product or as part of a family that includes ToolBook II Instructor for higher-end authoring and ToolBook II Librarian for course management over the Internet.


Asymetrix Corp.

800-448-6543, 206-637-1500

Circle #840

PowerBroker CORBAplus Java Edition 2.1 lets you develop Internet/intranet object-oriented applications in Java. You can create client and server-side applications and deploy scalable applications on your intranet. This version supports Windows NT; a Windows 95 version will soon be available.


Expersoft Corp.

800-366-3054, 619-824-4100

Circle #841

The NetResults Lite Java-based Web search engine indexes up to 500 documents. Its features include multi-server capabilities, cascading searches, cross-platform functionality and customizable interfaces.

$195 per Web site

Innotech Multimedia Corp.

416-492-3838, fax 416-492-3843

Circle #842

Are you familiar with Java's security risks? The Java Security: Managing the Risks multimedia CD-ROM tells you how to guard against hostile applets and improve security. It details seven attack applets that can result in corrupt data on a hard disk or revealing private data to third parties.


MindQ Publishing

800-646-3008, 703-708-9380

Circle #843

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page 53.

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