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New Products
LCD Projectors
Bright Displays for Smart Presentations

When it comes to portable multimedia LCD projectors, it's important to think light. Weighing in at 12 pounds and projecting 450 ANSI lumens, the In Focus LitePro 720 SVGA projector is both lightweight and bright. It uses a 150-watt metal halide lamp, projects images up to 1024x768 pixels compressed at true 800x600-pixel resolution, and supports full-motion video with a 225:1 contrast ratio. It has a built-in 3W speaker.

For even greater portability, the In Focus LiteGo 320 folds into a 3-by-10-by-15.5-inch package barely bigger than a notebook computer. The 9.4-pound LiteGo 320 has a 6.4-inch diagonal LCD with 800x600-pixel resolution and supports full-motion video with a 100:1 contrast rate. It displays 200 ANSI lumens and has built-in back speakers.

LitePro 720, $9,199; LiteGo 320, $5,999

In Focus

800-294-6400, 503-685-8888

Circle #833

CTX EzPro 550

A good mobile LCD projector always keeps you prepared to present. The CTX EzPro 550 weighs 9.3 pounds, folds into a carrying case, and comes with an infrared remote, interface cables and three spare bulbs. The SVGA projector delivers true 800x600-pixel resolution, displays at 270 ANSI lumens, has built-in 3W speakers and a 150:1 contrast ratio.


CTX Opto

800-433-5590, 408-541-6060

Circle #834

Dukane MagniView 496 and MagniView 498

Have multimedia projectors gone on a diet? The Dukane MagniView 496 and MagniView 498 LCD projection panels weigh only 6.5 pounds apiece, but incorporate built-in 3W stereo speakers and active-matrix screens. The MagniView 496 supports 640x480-pixel resolution, while xthe 498 supports SVGA 800x600-pixel resolution.

The panels feature remote-control capabilities with an electronic pointer and an automatic Zoom to magnify images up to four times. The Electronic Pointer control directs audience attention to a specific display area. The Curtain control lets you reveal portions of the screen, showing more information as you move along. The Freeze function fixes images even if the connected video is off. The panels have built-in NTSC, PAL and SECAM video signal support. They ship with computer, audio and video cables, and the wireless remote control.

MagniView 496, $2,295; MagniView 498, $3,595

Dukane Corp.

888-238-5263, 630-584-2300

Circle #835

Toshiba TLP-411 MediaStar

Does your LCD projector have a visualizer? The Toshiba TLP-411 MediaStar LCD Multimedia Projector does. The visualizer-or built-in document camera-projects written materials and 3-D objects from the projector's surface, turning notes, photographs, drawings or products into high-resolution on-screen images. The projector produces 500 ANSI lumens and displays true 800x600-pixel SVGA and 1024x768-pixel compressed XGA display capabilities. It also supports all video formats. The MediaStar measures 7.9 by 15.75 by 20.9 inches and weighs 24.5 pounds.


Toshiba America Consumer Products

800-631-3811, 201-628-8000

Circle #836

Mitsubishi Big Easy G1A

If your personality doesn't light up a room, then your LCD projector should. The Mitsubishi Big Easy G1A produces 600 ANSI lumens and operates at a 640x480-pixel VGA resolution. The 11.22-by-9.3-by-21.85-inch projector weighs 24 pounds.


Mitsubishi Electronics America



Circle #837

3M MP8630

The 3M MP8630 projector delivers 500 ANSI lumens and true SVGA 800x600-pixel resolution. You can simultaneously connect two computers and two video sources to the projector. The unit weighs 18 pounds, and its recessed shuttered lens closes for protection during travel.


Visual Systems Division of 3M Corp.

800-328-1371, 512-984-7138

Circle #838

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page 52.

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