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Microsoft Rules?

( A reader frets over Microsoft's autonomy. Another reader's views on software piracy provoked strong response. The Network Computer generated more dialog; and we await the beta of IE 4. )

One wonders how many people who prefer driving a Ford gleefully anticipate the day when Chrysler and General Motors get out of the business of manufacturing cars. I'd have to estimate almost none. But as Mike Elgan has demonstrated (The Explorer, March), any equivalent sense of proportion and rationality can easily become a casualty in discussions about the future of the computer industry. By Mr. Elgan's prophecy, Bill Gates fully deserves to be awarded the franchise of Technological Dictator of the World. Unlike Mr. Elgan, I am not warmly anticipating the playing out of this experiment in economic autocracy.

Mitch Stone

via the Internet

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page 22.

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